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Dry Oil Co

About me

I have always favoured dry body oils for their non greasy, lustrous effect however I struggled to find one that didn’t contain a long list of questionable ingredients. When I did manage to find a “natural” dry body oil it still seemed to contain silicones and head ache worthy artificial fragrances. One morning back in 2014 I truly had one of those “aha!” moments

I visualised one perfect multifunction product that would deliver nutrients to my entire body in the easiest and quickest way possible, whilst treating all my skin woes in one go. 

By this point in time I was already generating a client base for my first skincare label Nak*d For You. Selling body scrubs and superfood facials whilst teaching myself about how skin reacts to ingredients and endlessly researching the optimum oils my dry oil would need to contain to be the multi use - fix all - product I had envisioned.

After years of sampling, formulating and perfecting the ratio of ingredients I finally found that sweet spot. The result, a product for everyone which speaks for itself. 

A golden oil with endless uses, small enough to fit snug in your handbag. Ready for a hit of fragrance and hydration anytime of the day. Combined with my vision to inspire you to have fun choosing personal care products which positively impact not only the health of your body but also our precious Earth.

Dry Oil Co is currently made up of 1 signature product, with the line ever expanding as my search for honest ingredients with optimal results intensely drives me with a whole lot of fun along the way.