It began with the intention to feel sensational. To understand how to assist the body in its inherit healing nature, and experience my truest vibrancy. 


Since I was a child I thought of myself as a mixologist, there was always a bottle labelled “Zoe’s Potion” on the go which everyone knew to steer well clear of!

I took skincare into my own hands as I was rarely able to find nourishment in store bought products due to a heightened sensitivity and many memorable adverse reactions. I set my sights high on a multitasking Glow Oil to not only feed, protect and nourish my body. But invoke an immediate feeling of vibrancy I so desired. I had always favoured Dry Oils for their non greasy, lustrous effect however I struggled to find one that didn’t contain Silicone or a list of questionable ingredients I wasn’t willing to expose my body to. I began endlessly researching the optimum oils my Dry Oil would need to contain to be the multitasking Glow Potion I had envisioned. As I grew my experiments matured and friends and family began poking their heads into my bedroom to sample the source of these floral extracts and decadent nut butters filling the air. After years of sampling, formulating and perfecting the ratio I finally found that sweet spot. Sourcing high quality, Organically farmed ingredients. Handling them in their rawest state, then bottling in visually evoking glassware as beautiful and unique as the product itself.

Officially founded in 2017 each small batch remains lovingly blended by hand out of my jungle edge kitchen in Byron Bay Industrial, Australia. As my curiosity to unveil natures recipes for radiance, and bottle them in service of our healing and joy drives me with delight.